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How to find videos on Youtube & convert to MP4 file?

Convert & download Youtube to MP4 free online

MP4Converter is a unique place on the web, it allows users to find videos on Youtube and convert them to MP4 format, to download for later offline use, like when going to work and listening to some video podcast, or some lecture that doesn't need visual following. Oftentimes Internet is not available to us in the city life, like when on a train or subway, or taking an airplane, going into movies, etc. Well, with Yt to MP4 Converter at your service, there's no need to worry about any additional provisions, just save MP4 file to your device and access it later any time during offline times without free WIFI.

Convert and download Youtube video playlist to MP4

MP4Converter will handle large Youtube video playlist for you. All we need is the playlist URL address, you can copy it via the standard social Share button, or you can use browser's share functionality to Copy Link to clipboard. Then paste it into the entry form up on top, and submit with Download button. If you don't like to copy-paste stuff, use our bookmarklet below, it will literally remove this step from the process. In any case, submit video playlist URL, that doesn't even have to be from Youtube (we work with other playlists and multi-video/audio posts too), and enjoy easy-access to each playlist video, decide if you want to download it as MP4 file, and proceed to actually convert it by clicking the thumbnail and starting the MP4 converter.


Youtube to MP4 web-app

Add to Home Screen

Add this website to your device by clicking this button, it will be looking and feeling like a normal, native app, while under the sheets it will work with your preferred Internet browser to deliver this website and stay locked into this website only, to make it look like we're using some special app. Try it out, it's easy to install. Remove with 1 click if you don't like it.

Skip copy-paste bookmark

Download MP3

Drag and drop this button, this bookmark-let to your browser's bookmarks section, then press it when you're browsing some video you'd like to convert to MP4 or download the video in any other format. This is a traditional bookmark with a little twist, it will send the page URL you were on and yourselves to our website, and all you'll need to do is press "Download" button.

F.A.Q. = Questions & Answers

Is MP4 converter usage limited somehow?

No. This app is unlimited usage, unlimited MP4 converter online free for everyone. Just consider others using this site right now as well, so don't start more than 1 job at a time.

Can you convert Youtube to MP4 right here?

Yes, we can help extract video from online videos, including Youtube and 100s of other websites, simply give us the video URL and we'll see what can be done.

How to download Youtube video to MP4 file?

  1. Find the video on Youtube and copy the URL link.
  2. Open MP4Converter, paste video URL into the form, hit Download.
  3. Wait while we scan video page & save to MP4.
  4. From drop-down menu select MP4 and start converter process.

How to convert Youtube to MP4 on mobile?

  1. Use our search to find Youtube video and click on thumbnail when ready
  2. Wait while we check how to download MP4 from that video, if at all possible.
  3. When dropdown shows up with options, select MP4 and start the new MP4converter job.

Can you convert big Youtube playlist to MP4?

Yes, no problems, but you will need to do your part here and bring us the playlist URL, because we don't support playlists in our search assistant. But after you submit playlist URL - all the videos from it will show up for you, ready to convert to MP4 or save to MKV file format.