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Convert Youtube to MP3 online for free. No limits on processed videos, no registration, no software needed.

You can bring your video URL address and paste it into the form and press Download.
You can also search Youtube videos, start typing something to activate smart search-assist.
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How MP3 converter can turn online video into audio file?

Convert videos to MP3 and save files to your device

MP3 Converter works with 100s of different websites, social networks and audio/video collectors to extract audio from those online videos and save to your device. All in a very efficient workflow, you simply need to copy video URL address to clipboard, then paste it into the form we have in the page header, and click Download. It will signal our network to scan the video page and try extract audio, convert it to MP3, M4A, etc. If converter can do MP3 - option will be shown by default, otherwise please select the format you like and go ahead, convert online video to MP3 and download file. Easy, no extra steps, no additional knowledge required, very simple website and process, try it out.

Convert online videos from Youtube to MP3 & download

It is easy to convert video from Youtube to MP3. You can either bring video URL to us, copy it from Youtube app or website using Share button. Or you can use our built-in search function to find video on Youtube and extract MP3 without even leaving this site. There are other ways to save on steps when downloading MP3 from Youtube - you could install our web-app and do it directly from your mobile device, or you could use our shortcut below to speed things up and cut out the middle-man of copy-pasting URLs.. We have many ways to make this efficient site even more streamlined in your tasks, just check it out.

Download web-app

Add to Home Screen

Youtube to MP3 Converter is also a web-based app. It's not an additional software, as we promised, there's no need for any. But it is a way to save our website to your Windows or Android device, install it, per-say, as a web-app.. It will use your favorite browser to open our website, and it'll only work with our website, thus essentially becoming our version of the official MP3 Converter app. This app needs no updates in its lifetime and occipies next to zero storage drive space. Try and if you don't like it - easily delete it from your device in case you don't like the app.

"No Copy-Paste" shortcut

Download MP3

As we've been told quite a few times, the step of the process where users need to copy video URL and then paste it into the form on our page is apparently the most complicated one. It is essential though for sites other than Youtube, as we do not support video search anywhere but Youtube. And so you can drag and drop this shortcut to your browser's bookmarks, then remember it when you find a video to convert to MP3 or save the audio in any other format. When browsing this video, click our shortcut. It will send you and the page URL here, eliminating the Copy-Paste step.

F.A.Q. = Questions & Answers

Can you convert Youtube to MP3 right here?

Yes, we can help extract audio from online videos, including Youtube and 100s of other websites, simply give us the video URL and we'll see what can be done.

How to download Youtube video as MP3 file?

  1. Find the video on Youtube and copy the URL link.
  2. Open MP3Converter and submit video URL into the form.
  3. Wait while we scan video page & save to MP3.
  4. From drop-down menu select MP3 and start converter process.

Is MP3 converter usage limited somehow?

No. This app is unlimited usage, unlimited MP3 converter online free for everyone. Just consider others using this site right now as well, so don't start more than 1 job at a time.

Does this app work with other websites?

Yes, we can help extract MP3 from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Reddit, and 100s of other websites, listing all of which will take space and time. Simply bring us the video page URL and we'll give you the answer in seconds if MP3 converter will support this for audio extracting.

How to convert Youtube to MP3 on mobile?

  1. Use our search to find Youtube video and click on thumbnail
  2. Wait while we check how to download MP3 from that video.
  3. When dropdown shows up with options, select MP3 and start the MP3converter job.

Can you convert big Youtube playlist to MP3?

Yes, no problems, but you will need to do your part here and bring us the playlist URL, because we don't support playlists in our search assistant. But after you submit playlist URL - all the videos from it will show up for you, ready to convert to MP3 or save to M4A file format.